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Zeno update - Chiaroscuro/Confessions [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Zeno update [Mar. 30th, 2006|12:23 pm]
Zeno can:
visually track some objects a few inches
blow spit bubbles
let Mamma sleep for 3, sometimes 4 hours

David saw him drop his binky then pick it up with his hand and turn it into position and stick it back in his mouth.
I would've cut off my pinky toe to see that.


[User Picture]From: scorpionis
2006-03-30 07:35 pm (UTC)
What a sweetie. I'm sorry I never made it back up to Dallas to henna your belly. :( I didn't forget about you! But we got a little busy helping out with the new baby down here (my new niece that is).

Glad everyone's doing well! Hope we get to see you all soon.
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From: enigmius93
2006-03-30 07:38 pm (UTC)
I absolutely love thats hats with the ears on them( my nephew has one)!! Auh, So cute you can just eat them up!
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From: damsaeldaemon
2006-03-30 09:09 pm (UTC)
He is so precious. I love that little stripe suit.
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From: alethea93
2006-03-31 05:58 am (UTC)
i so needed to see beauty and light right now, thank you!!!

the city is so ugly today :(
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From: thesmorphoros
2006-03-31 06:53 am (UTC)
Awwww....totally fulled with cuteness! Ye, gods, I need to mail you your package before he completely grows out of it!!!

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