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drama queen [Oct. 10th, 2005|08:33 pm]
I have been thinking about this today and I have come to the conclusion that...

I like drama.

At least a little bit, enough that I am not too ashamed to admit.
I have early memories of being put down for a nap on my baby sitters bed while she watched Days of Our Lives. I recall the image of the hour glass thing at the beginning with the man's voice. To this day I still tune it in now and then to catch up on the plot.

When there is big news playing on CNN or something like that, I watch it like a train wreck (It's probably not healthy). And god help me, this is especially true for natural disasters. In fact, I believe it was the earthquakes and volcanoes that addicted me to the geosciences.

Day to day Live Journal I can take it or leave it. But now and then there is some good drama to be had! I run home from school and impatiently hit refresh on the browser: "what did I miss?".
My Boytoy has no experience with all this LiveJournal jazz until now. He is just tickled that people get so excited about something somebody says. He loves this kid who got me and several other people worked up and actually arguing with him. He says the guy must really be pleased with himself. Teeheehee.

But really, I don't like real drama, especially if I am tangled up in it. I don't do well with gossip and scandal situations. My Cancer nature is too sensitive to handle it gracefully.

I will just take my drama sitting safely on the sofa in the living room.