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Saturday evening post. - Chiaroscuro/Confessions [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Saturday evening post. [Mar. 8th, 2008|05:52 pm]
Hi from Germany.

In the mornings, I walk to the café, and the sweetest Fraulein in Germany gives me warm smiles, and we speak in a mish mosh of English and German. She gave me chocolate muffins, and said she was free on Saturday, but we couldn't chill out 'cause we had to work. I invited her to CeBit, be I couldn't communicate that I would get a free pass for her. Oh well. I'll see her on Monday on the way to the airport.

She blushed fire red after I took her photo. I've never seen anyone do that. It was cool.

Last night was the traditional CeBit bier hall party night. It's the last night for a lot of people so we have a big party at this Bavarian style Löwenbräu Münchner Halle, and I mean to tell you...WHAT A FREAK SHOW!!

First, there was this giant robotic lion statue out front and growled and made a ton of noise.

The hall itself was gigantic. It seated about 5,000 people for dinner. We were all lined up at long tables, and the Kiwis occupied 4 tables in the center of the floor. On the balcony of either side of the hall, were loud crazy bands playing the music. On one side was a rock band that wore costumes and performed all kinds of stuff, like Queen or Tina Turner, wearing tight spandex unitards with sequins and boas, etc. Across the hall from them, was traditional Bavarian band wearing lederhosen.

Every 5 songs or so, they would do this crazy traditional bier drinking song, and all the people would stand up with their giant biers and sing along and toast. You gotta keep your fingers clear, because those massive bier mugs hurt your fingers if they catch you.

And do not think I am lying when I say that Kiwis and Germans are serious about bier drinking. Work hard, play hard.

My heroine Diane.

Warm friends, Diane and Kirstin. This photo captures the warm and love of these people I've been with all week. It's a close family, and there were a lot of tears by the end of the night.

David is in pretzel heaven.

People get crazy and dance on the tables and chairs. They take off their clothes, and do all kinds of drunk embarrassing things. Y'all probably wont believe this, buy I was the most well behaved person there.

David in the hexen hut.

Emma, from the London office, and Diane.

The old couple across from us, at the next table over, having fun.

Waitresses, who looked the part, bearing trays of apfelstrudel. You ain't lived 'till you've had real apfulstrudel. It's serious business. (Notice the sleazy pervert guy in the background, the one with the shifty eyes. We had a lot of trouble with him all night, rubbing himself on our women, and groping. He was gross. We wasn't with our party, but he tried to go home with all the girls. Don't you love guys like that?!)**

My camera battery died, so no more pictures from the dinner.

A crazy Turkish cab driver took us back to our neighborhood, and was excited to blast his Turkish dance music cd for us. It was cool stuff, and I wrote the name down so I can get a copy. He spoke in a mish mosh of Turkish and German. I smiled and nodded a lot.
We went to our neighborhood bar, Einstein Bräu Pub again. This time we got several of our people to go with us, and we took over, drank a sh!t load of bier, and had a good time.
I befriended this German guy, named Joachim, and he helped me with my German all night. Very cool guy, who works as a drivers ed instructor, and drinks at Einsteins in the evenings.

Some things I've noticed around town:

  • The public toilets have seat cleaner in them. The thing has graphics on it to explain that you take some toilet paper and spray it with the stuff, then wipe the seat down.
  • They don't waste paper towels. They have those things with the rolled up towel in it. So you pull down a section and dry your hands, then it retracts in the back and the used part is gone. When the roll is all used, they switch it out for a fresh one.
  • Bring a bag with you to the grocery store, because many of them don't have bags for you to take your stuff home, and you could be carrying loose packages all the way home.

Some memories:

We may go to Amsterdam tomorrow. Not sure yet. I hope so. I wanna smoke in one of those cafés.

**I'll come back to my rant about cultural observations I've made about men

From: thesmorphoros
2008-03-08 10:20 pm (UTC)

Homesick for bier und brot....

Yay, Bavaria!!!! I should have hooked you up with my family, but they would have wanted to fatten you up ;-) Oh, and yeah, Bavarians absolutely take their bier seriously! When I was a kid, the bierman delivered to our house weekly.

I just love dirndls, they are so sexy....especially without the blouse ;-)
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[User Picture]From: najwa_maryam
2008-03-09 01:46 am (UTC)

Re: Homesick for bier und brot....

Yay, Bavaria!!! I am amazed! We had cool chicks from the German office showing us the ropes. It's a thang! I would love to meet your people next time, if they would have me. We are coming back next year, and I love the Germany, and I would love to meet relatives. I expect meine deutche will be sehr gut next year.
Are you from this crazy world? I heard your ancestry is. You were born here? or uh? I love to fatten up here. My rules are broken here.
The biermann. I need one of those. Thanks for reading my blog. We should do Deutschland some time. I'll travel with you as your personal "Smithers" and we can inspect the camps, or whatever you do for a living. I would be a good student for you.
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