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What happened to the party? - Chiaroscuro/Confessions [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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What happened to the party? [May. 24th, 2005|11:38 am]
A little over 10 years ago I took the Greyhound bus from Eugene, Or. all the way to Dallas, Tx.
The bus would stop at every city along the way and piddle around making the trip close to four days long.

Due to a fresh incision from an abdominal surgery I had less than two weeks before the trip was also exceptionally uncomfortable. Sitting the entire time and not being able to lay down didn't help.

Back in high school I learned that the more interesting people could often be found at the back of the bus. So that's where I stayed. And sure enough along the way the bus would stop and some type of freak or another would get on the bus and head straight for the back.

I found companionship from generous people from all over the country and all backgrounds with great stories (a topic for another entry perhaps). We shared sneaked-on tequila, wine, pot, and codeine pills from my surgery. It was actually 4 days of fun.

I never saw any of those people again, and I will never forget them.

Now on the other hand, over the past four years I have flown between Austin, Washington D.C., Dallas, and Los Angeles too many times to count, and never have I found a party on the airplane.

I sit there alone and sip my glass of airplane chardonnay and watch the landscape far below. No one wants to tell stories or philosophize. No one wants to bend the rules.

Is it a class thing? Are airplane people all just doing what's expected of them and keeping their noses in magazines or paperbacks? Maybe it has something to do with knowing that you are stuck with somebody for several days and sooner or later you are going to have to deal with them, unlike the airplane which will soon whisk you so far away that there will be no consequences for isolation or ignoring people.
Even in a car we might be riding the same stretch of highway for hundreds of miles but we are in our own isolated microcosm and we don't have to deal with the guy next to us (we think he doesn't even notice us picking our noses). We can drive rudely because we are along, therefore we own the road.

In the words of Ian Breeze "We are all alone, like a car".

[User Picture]From: thomasrhymer
2005-05-24 05:17 pm (UTC)

That is so true.

Are you coming to Flipside?
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[User Picture]From: najwa_maryam
2005-05-24 05:20 pm (UTC)

Re: That is so true.

Nope, I'm house-sitting for a flipside goer, and helping the mad genius all weekend.
I hope to see you soon anyway...
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From: serenity_awoke
2005-05-24 05:55 pm (UTC)

Re: That is so true.

*Pout* I would have loved to have seen you there.
It's my first time.. Anyways-miss you much!
Much love, ~Shae
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[User Picture]From: dartpoly
2005-05-24 09:25 pm (UTC)

Re: That is so true.

*blink* *blink*

hey stranger! fancy seein' you _here_!
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[User Picture]From: jessaries
2005-05-24 08:12 pm (UTC)
Everyone is just bored, aggitated, grumpy, drunk, excited on airplanes. When you take a bus it is assumed that you have TIME to get to your destination. On a plane your in a rush.

On my cross the middle of the country bus ride a few odd things happened, notable was the 20 something male who woke me up, draped across me singing Elvis songs in my ear. I was 17 then and just completely creeped out, I think I would've inflicted damage if it happened now! "love me tender" I squeked "Christy" to my friend a row infront of me and she gave him a howling!

when will I see you?
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[User Picture]From: tristan_moore
2005-05-24 09:57 pm (UTC)

Its True

No one every wants to have any fun on airplanes :(
Everyone seems grumpy on the airplane :(
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