pole dancing

The chupacabra

I was driving home from a friend's birthday party (day 1). Somewhere along the backroads, at 3ish AM, my sharp, video game reflexes snapped to their ninja attention, when an old, granddaddy opossum was taking his nice sweet time to cross the road.
I came to a clean stop, and he just stood in the street, staring at me, as if he wondered if I was one of his neighbors, while I was containing my heart from bursting out of my chest! The audacity!
But, I'll give it to him - he was an old, and very handsome, opossum, with wild salt and pepper fur, tufted, and a cute face. He was so old, his birthday is probably sometime last Æon. He must have great-great-great-grand children. He has survived, this whole time, wandering around in this suburban neighborhood, no doubt eating the cat food that is served outside to outdoor cats (he was shiny, too). Actually, I think he was wearing those fingernail covers with houndstooth, or argyle.

He deserves a mention since it never occurred to me to take his photo.